CSS for Navigation Designs

Objectives and Tasks


Upon completion of this lesson you will:


To complete this lesson you must:
  1. Engage in the online class discussion throughout the week
  2. Work through the lesson and try out the techniques introduced
  3. Continue working on your CSS for your client site

Moving from Intermediate to Advanced Techniques

We're going to move fast through a lot of different techniques in this lesson. You'll want to keep your fish book handy.

This lesson is laid out with examples from graphic design references. Certain elements of the reference are labeled PROBLEM. I'll attempt to provide a SOLUTION to each of these problems using CSS.

As you work through, you'll notice little black boxes prompting you to THINK about how to solve the problem. Don't just read on! Think about it, try it out and try to solve the problem BEFORE you read my solution. This is a learning activity. Who knows, you may come up with a better method!

I've worked hard to figure out the best methods for common and sophisticated CSS techniques, and have gathered and researched what other professionals are doing to present this lesson. I've tried to lay each technique and method out in an order that moves you sequentially into more advanced methods, with each new method building on what you just learned. Please feel free to give me feedback regarding these pages.