Information Design and Advanced XHTML

Objectives and Tasks


Upon completion of this lesson you will:


To complete this lesson you must:

  1. Engage in the online class discussion throughout the week
  2. Read lesson lecture and materials
  3. Take the Lesson Quiz
  4. Complete & submit the Project

Putting XHTML Into Practice

This lesson takes us both back and forward. We are returning to Stage 3 to ensure a successful design of page structure using XHTML, and at the same time we are beginning to build the actual Web site (Stage 5).

  1. Define the Project
  2. Develop Site Structure & Organize Information
  3. Develop Page Structure & Organize Interactions
  4. Design Graphic User Interface
  5. Build Web Site
  6. Produce & Publish Web Site

In a normal process one could describe the structure of the pages in Stage 2 without actually building the pages. We're combining both to better compact the learning experience of utilizing XHTML and CSS with more advanced techniques.