Introduction to Web Design & Usability

Lesson Objectives and Tasks


Upon completion of this lesson you will:

  1. Understand how Web design fits into the field of Web development
  2. Know how usability plays a role in Web design
  3. Understand Steve Krug's "First Law of Usability"
  4. Understand the concept of user-centered design
  5. Know how the user experience relates to a Web site's effectiveness
  6. Define any given Web site's primary audience
  7. Define any given Web site's primary goal or purpose
  8. Be able to read examples of media design in the real world


To complete this lesson you must:

  1. Respond to the discussion prompt and engage with your classmates on the forum
  2. Read the lesson content and materials
  3. Complete the lesson quiz (2 attempts)
  4. Complete & submit this week's project